The Other Side Vintage

"A magnificient weird place." - Jose Rodriguez

The Other Side Vintage, 607 McDonnell Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310 #850-224-6666

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm / Sunday 12-5pm / Mondays closed

We are a locally owned and operated family business located in the historic downtown Railroad Square Art Park District in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. We have been open 19 years revamping and curating unique items. We carry vintage - retro - modern - unique: clothing & accessories for guys and gals, furniture, vinyl records, jewelry, art, collectibles, junk, incense, lamps, mirrors, home decor, ephemera, smoking accessories, and DIY supplies [including paint, molds, transfers and stamps for you to create your own items]. We have over 35 booth spaces so there is a great variety of treasures for you. Scroll down for our most recent Instagram photos.

The Other Side Vintage is a fever dream of excentricity, a quirky wonder land and fantastical blend of retro fashion, bizarre yet beautiful kitsch, nick nacks and one of a kind art that are precious to those of us with a love for the strange and unusual.
— Kevin Cole, Capital City Video Lounge

Clothing Furniture & Home Decor

“Hands down one of the best thrift stores I’ve ever been to. Always a cool collection of things and a solid used record selection if you spend the time. My go-to place for decor and random browsing and strolling around. The staff here is also wonderful! I also appreciate how active they are on social media so I can keep up with neat new additions with my busy schedule.” - Shannon DeLisi

Music Books & Jewelry

“The Other Side has such a wide assortment of iems. So many fond memories have been made because of things I bought there. You can spend hours looking through the store and finding hidden treasures. This store is easily one of my favorite parts about living in Tallahassee!! I will always love The Other Side and will come visit no matter where I live." - Ari Rabinovich

Art Collectibles & DIY

“Best Second Hand Store EVER! Love this place. Furniture, decor, clothing, jewelry, books, anything you might be looking for. If you are into retro decor, groovy garments, or whatever----you have to check it out.” - CSB1955.

“I could spend all day in this store. The records, the clothes, the jewelry. It's becoming pretty iconic on the arts area of Tallahassee. I bought my wedding dress and Elvis Greatest hits in the same store.” - Constance Highsmith Roddenberry