The Other Side Vintage

"A magnificient weird place." - Jose Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?! Email us:


Do you buy items?

Yes we do. Send a photo of items with asking prices to:

Do you rent booth spaces?

Yes we do. Send an email to: introducing yourself, the types of things you sell, and where you sell at now, so that we can add you to our wait list for available booth spaces.

Where Do You Get Your Items?

Anywhere and everywhere. We scour estate sales and yard sales. We have daily Walk-In clients who bring us items. We have over 30 buyers / consignors who travel all over to bring items into the store for you. We buy entire houses of treasures. all the way to single items from people who email us. We accept donations, and we love charity shops, thrift stores, and junk stores just as much as you do!

Do you sell online and ship items?

Yes we do. We sell on Ebay, Instagram, Facebook and our website. We ship items to the continental USA.

Do You Have a YouTube Channel?

Yes we do. Check us out on YouTube - The Other Side Vintage.

How Did You Get Started?

We started out on February 1st, 2000 on W. Tharpe Street on “the other side” of The Patio Shop [hence our name]. At the time, we were at a cross roads of events in our lives that allowed Mom, 2 Daughters, and Daughter-in-Law to create a local family business doing what we love. We relocated to Railroad Square Art Park on April 1st, 2005. Yes, April Fool’s Day - and we have been in love with our neighborhood ever since!